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Happy Poks

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"Happy Bocks" is a 3D cartoon-style mini MOBA mobile game. Players can train and command cute pets with different characteristics, "Bokes", to have a relaxing and hearty MOBA showdown after another. . We use fresh and beautiful 3D cartoons in the art style to present the characters and the arena, and strive to create a truly relaxed and happy competitive battle game.

In this test version, there are a total of 12 cute Poks with different styles fighting side by side in the world of Poks. They have unique skills and different fighting styles; and this time, they have added skill enhancement and Poks. The brand-new system developed by Sri Lanka, you can train the Bokes according to your own preferences and make them more powerful and cute; this game supports up to three people to form a team to play the game, you can team up with your friends, in Share the joy of fighting together and the joy of victory in the world of Box.

Happy Poks
Hossam Galal

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