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Go ahead! Idol girl

Go ahead! Idol girl

By: 南昌知墨科技有限公司

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※The highly anticipated celebrity formation game for women in love acting

※Fictional plot experience, shining in the life-seeking entertainment circle

※The world view of the new theme wizard, the door of love and dream opens exclusively for you

In a ruthless fire, your parents were killed in the fire, and you became a fallen white swan.

You are determined to fulfill your parents' wishes and your own dreams, and join the show business bravely.

The strange cause of the death of the parents, the mysterious power of the "Spark Handbook", accompanied by the emergence of a new world, the slow emergence of humans, demons, and spirits, brings a brand new story.

Come on, pack your bags, the wonderful journey of dreaming is at hand, and the shining stage has been set up for you!

[Game Features]

[Big World Map, Rich Story Branches]

There are multiple locations for players to explore, and different locations will open different plot branches. If you are not careful, you will unlock special announcements and get the heartbeat signals of handsome guys to unlock the bond!

[Nine types of exquisite auxiliary skill cards]

Skill cards are divided into nine categories. Each skill card is composed of different illustrations. The pictures are beautiful and the story is unique. Once you get it, you will give you a blessing!

[Buy in the mall, free collocation for multiple dressings]

Be your own exclusive matchmaker and experience multiple equipments. Not only can you satisfy the joy of buying, buying and buying, but you can also increase the score of the announcement!

[Wonderful and diverse level adventures]

A journey of star growth that is in line with reality, experiencing different life stories, interesting levels, shooting announcements to gain growth points, and experiencing a stronger sense of substitution.

[Multiple emotional lines, exclusive male and female main plot]

Through your own preferences and different types of male protagonists cultivate your own feelings, meet and date with them, feel a different romantic date, and every moment of blushing and heartbeat.

[Easy to place, easy to upgrade]

Players can arrange the game placement time reasonably, and do not need to overcome levels online all the time.

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Go ahead! Idol girl
Hossam Galal

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