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Generation master

Generation master

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Test server address:

A new Android test will be launched in the near future (IOS is not supported for the time being). In addition to the new test server 3, the new league season "Attack Blackwood Cliff" will also be launched.

"A Generation Head" is a large-scale multiplayer business simulation game with the same server. You will play the role of a declining head. When you realize your life experience, you will start your own journey of rebuilding the martial art. You will recruit all kinds of The capable men and strangers will create magic weapons for you and sell them to the martial arts people to earn a lot of money. By recruiting various heroes in the martial arts, you can expand your territory and establish your martial arts status. In the gorgeous 3D martial arts world, you will gradually become Martial arts supreme!

Game features:

1. Martial arts self-created system: As a master of the generation, you can create your own martial arts by participating in various martial arts, and pass it on to your disciples for learning.

2. Equipment building: A variety of equipment formulas can be collected and crafted to properly equip your disciples.

3. Martial Arts Conference: With the update of the new content of the version, there are brand-new martial arts conference activities in each issue. New heroes, new drawings, new skins and a large number of props are waiting for you

4. Featured combat: unique combo system, when the disciple learns a variety of martial arts, you can freely match the disciple's martial arts sequence, and automatically release in the battle.

Generation master
Hossam Galal

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