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Garbage war

Garbage war

By: 宇宙小白

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"Garbage War" is a parallel reality game with role-playing nature of sub-campaign competition. The audience may have to ask, what kind of duck is a parallel reality game? In fact, the familiar Ant Forest in Alipay and "Ingress" belong to this kind of game. It encourages players to pay attention to real life and strive to use the game to enhance the happiness of reality. This work was designed by me for friends born in 2005 and even younger. The original intention was to let the concept of garbage sorting and protecting the earth take root in everyone's heart since childhood.

In this game, the player’s soul travels to the kingdom of garbage in 2066 (to put it bluntly), choose his own race to play and join the camp. The player collects real-life “garbage spirits” of different races in different ways to earn points, each The faction will accumulate the points of all the members of the faction to PK, and each player can make outstanding contributions to the victory of the family. In the process, players will not only upgrade, but also additional badges and rewards. If the family participates in the game together, the friends can even have a dignified duel with their parents! Let us call out the Slogn of this work in the second place: "Fight even if it is garbage!".

Garbage war
Hossam Galal

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