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Four eyes god

Four eyes god


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The "extra children" will be taken away by the Four Eyes God~

In the third year of junior high school, Zhenyi and his father came to Sizu Village.

The two masked children who appeared in front of him asked Jinyi for help: "Help mom! Mom is in pain now!" and took her to a shrine, but Jinyi couldn't leave here anymore.

With the help of the mysterious boy who met at the shrine, can Shini find a way to leave the shrine? Can Shini discover the secret behind this extraordinary shrine?

The beautiful and gorgeous flowers of the other bank bloom in the day and night when the yin and the sun alternate. According to legend, they are the only scenery on the road to the Huangquan on the other side of the Forgotten River in the underworld. The indescribable fragrance is also the last way to evoke the memories of the dead. If people who are used to living in a hurry in the information age have the opportunity to return to a slightly remote rural town, will they be touched by the relics left over from a long historical period? The various shrines that were once enshrined are becoming desolate, the picture horse that can no longer see the writing of the wish, the broken spoon next to the hand water house, and the small wish that I have whispered during the visit...

"Excessive children" were sent away...

Are the "extra children" still there?

Where are the "extra children"?

"Superfluous children" will still be happy~

Four eyes god
Hossam Galal

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