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Fortune Heroes Biography

Fortune Heroes Biography

By: 世桥游戏

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11:00 am on February 3, 2021, the new version is tested

"Who can't play a monopoly?"

"No, no, the gameplay is very unique. Don't miss the rules."——From Xiao Ming with a really fragrant face.


"Rich Heroes" is a monopoly table game with the background of the Three Kingdoms. It is more strategic, very challenging and hardcore casual (>‿◠).

1. The game board consists of 4 main cities (red), 7 sub-cities and 9 functional areas. You can win by occupying all main cities

2. The principle of selecting generals in Champa: The prefect needs high strength to deal with singles and lead troops to defend the city; military divisions mainly work in farming, the smarter the money, the faster

3. When walking to an enemy city, you can choose to pass (duty-free status or the enemy is in jail), pay tolls (as a last resort), singled out (less soldiers can not be defeated), siege (duck)

4. When a battle occurs, each side rolls a dice once, and the force and the number of points will affect the outcome.

5. Every three rounds, the party with more cities will get additional resource rewards

6. A reasonable combination of talents, stunts and general skills before the war, you can create your own genre: farming in the main city, adventurous fast attack, buying a jade seal and other enemies to defect (trust it? Haha)...

7. Decide on the occasion in the battle: recruit troops, buy or use treasures, use tips, use special skills, strategy and luck are entangled, and the outcome is often in a single thought.

8. When the army generals run out (for example, they are injured in a heads-up match), and when they reach the enemy city and the money is not enough to pay the toll, they will go bankrupt immediately (closed ~ closed ~)

Fortune Heroes Biography
Hossam Galal

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