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Fly slime

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Flying Slime is an adventure game with physics special effects. The cute slime is equipped with transparent bubbles and releases the tow rope to venture through the forest, that is, beware of dangerous obstacles in the forest, but also avoid the demon harvester approaching behind to protect the slime's home.

In the survival mode, use special skills to avoid the hunt of the demon harvester, and collect enough spirit stones to unlock the slime friends.

In story mode, the slime will search for the heart of the elves in the forest to rebuild the slime house.

Game features:

-Forest exploration journey full of graphics, sound effects and game elements

-Release the traction rope left and right to walk through the forest with excellent physical swing effects

-Crush your friends as a "savior" in survival mode

-Physical reality level perfect suspension linear swing experience

-70+ levels, two operation modes, waiting for you to challenge

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Official Slime Game Group: 697233523

Fly slime
Hossam Galal

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