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Fishing paradise

Fishing paradise

By: 扑家工作室

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"Paradise" drawn on a beautiful spot

Live a leisurely fishing life!

The fishing paradise is a nostalgic fishing RPG drawn by the retrospective of "Mr. Bear's Restaurant".

Go fishing and advance the main line. Fishing is simple and easy to learn, but to catch a big fish requires flexible use of skills and a fiery fight with a sweat in the palm of your hand.

~Story introduction~

"For you now, this heaven is not really "heaven" either..."

The protagonist who came to heaven after ending his life in this world heard a meaningful word left by a mysterious big fish.

Was awakened by the noisy bird and found himself on the island.

This is obviously heaven, but you have nowhere to live and nothing to eat.

Although he cares about Da Yu's words, there are more important things now.

The bird urges you to look around,

You find a meaningful fishing rod next to you...!

~Features of this work~

○Fishing game with story! ?

The uniqueness of this game is that this fishing game also has stories to enjoy.

Those who feel that the fishing game of blindly fishing is not interesting enough, please try it!

○Easy to operate, even newbies to fishing games can play with confidence!

You can easily fish with just one click!

Defeat enemies, level up, defeat powerful enemies, advance the story...

It can be played as such a simple RPG.

○Relax games in the beautiful nature!

Every detail of the world in this work is drawn with dots!

The "tropical island" for vacation and leisure, the dreamy and mysterious "blue cave",

These beautiful and nostalgic natures will surely heal your heart.

○ More than 80 unique fishes! ?

The fish caught in heaven are not the same as in reality!

This game brings you a different look and feel from fishing games with realistic backgrounds.

There are more than 80 species of fish on the scene, and each one has been carefully drawn!

○ Become friends with characters with rich personality!

You can become friends with characters you know in the mainline to deepen the exchange.

Complete the role's commission (branch line)

You can increase your favorability and trigger special events with the character.

○ Decorate your home with gifts from friends!

Advance the plot and you will own your own house.

In the event of a friend, you will get decorations.

You can decorate the house more beautifully!

○ "Mr. Bear's Restaurant" characters all appear!

This work has the same world view as the previously released "Mr. Bear's Restaurant",

Previous roles will also appear in all.

You can see the difference between them...?

Fishing paradise
Hossam Galal

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