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Find Dragons 3D

Find Dragons 3D

By: 寻龙工作室

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"Looking for the Dragon" is a next-generation fantasy civilization open world 3DMMO free mobile game, based on the continuation of the classic terminal gameplay and IP, with a 360° open perspective, truly free exploration of the open map; by improving the overall system design of the game Say goodbye to the brainless mode of traditional games, and try our best to achieve the goal of "allowing players to experience and discover surprises without stopping"! Under the rich oriental charm, there is a real sense of immersion, traveling in the beautiful scenery, calling friends and friends, fighting together and laughing together, creating an ideal paradise.

[Game Features]

[Oriental Fantasy Interpretation of Mythology]

This fantasy continent originated from the Sichu Dragon. It uses ancient Chinese mythology as its story background to tell the fantasy of national charm and beauty. The game is full of rich oriental charm, buildings and costumes with ancient Chinese characteristics, unique style, totem culture with dragon elements, etc., adding ancient mystery one by one.

[3D panoramic view is extremely beautiful]

Exquisite 3D panorama, shocking light and shadow effects, each plant is meticulous and true, just like a beautiful picture scroll. With a 360-degree free and unlocked perspective, plus a vast map, you can enjoy a panoramic view of countless rivers and mountains while you are free to explore.

[Various ways to play, relaxing and relaxing]

The unique twelve star shining system, star shining and hundreds of professional collocation, create a different combat gameplay. There are also totems and Fengyunzhi systems to satisfy the gathering desire of the gathering party. Too tired of fighting? Leisure party and landscape party can also explore the fantasy world in a leisurely and comfortable way, and use the camera system to record beautiful moments.

[The copy is rich and refuses to be single]

Whether it is a PVP or PVE player, each system has rich depth and extension. There are everything in single-player dungeons, group dungeons, gang siege wars and other dungeon content. With so many types, there is always one suitable for you.

"Looking for the Dragon" official exploration QQ group: 719283155

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Find Dragons 3D
Hossam Galal

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