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Fight back against the storm

Fight back against the storm

By: 千骥工作室

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[Third person top-view real-time shootout] [Single player melee] [Team on black] mobile game that you have never played!

※We have only one goal-to survive!

[Game Background]

A large wave of real enemies are being chased and intercepted!

what? To 1 enemy to 9? ! Not a teammate! ! !

Too abnormal! ! ! The teamfight is said to be black?

The Wasteland Continent is too dangerous!

Anyone can shoot you for a glass of water!

Others are hell!

After a doomsday disaster, the global order is completely messed up!

Technology ruined the world, but guns protected me!

I must survive in this dangerous world!

Bang Bang Bang... Suddenly... Da Da Da...

Another buddy was beaten into a hornet's nest by a machine gun!

Come on, hurt each other!

The Italian cannon in my hand is already hungry and thirsty!

They all carry one head on two shoulders, who is afraid of whom!

go ahead! Grenade? roll! A large wave of enemies? Open skills! Zoom in!

Give them a head-on, and teach them how to be human in minutes!

[Super simple operation]

Get started in one minute and start a live-action shootout with one click!

Grab the head! Receive experience! Who is slow, who is embarrassed!

Brother is shooting! Who dares to accept brother? !

[Recommended for this kind of players]

• E-sports control!

• Action control!

• Operation Technology Party! Show off skills and pick girls party!

• Brutal players aiming at shooting, shooting, and harvesting heads!

•Military and firearms lovers, straight men!

• Those who like doomsday survival games!

• Very interested in doomsday technology!

• People who have seen the wasteland blockbuster "Mad Max" and explored the doomsday to rebuild civilization!

• People who like to challenge and have the courage to change the game!

Finally, the important thing, say it again!

※We have only one goal-to survive!

Fight back against the storm
Hossam Galal

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