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Fate of blood

Fate of blood

By: 电钮组

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"Destiny of Blood" is a mobile game of war chess transplanted from steam products. When designing, we adhere to the idea of tailoring a real hardcore game for war chess hardcore players and deep strategy players. She has incorporated many classic gameplay, well-designed professional skills, humorous cartoon art image, serious and serious plot content, maddening challenges and easter eggs. Together, these have become what we see today. A traditional Japanese-style war chess mobile game "Blood Destiny".

★Game background

The two male protagonists Ludwig and Rodrich embark on an adventure together towards the same goal for different purposes. Two people who were influenced by blood and dominated by fate at birth will embark on a journey to find freedom from the fate of fate. In the end, they compromised with fate, or broke free from the shackles of blood to live out themselves? The ending will be up to you!

★Art style

The game adopts a unique Q version of the art style of a body, each character has its own distinct image, and the image reveals the characteristics of the personality, Rodrich's indifference and strong, Ludwig's little white face, change The evil charm behind him, William's cuteness...

★Game Features

First of all, it needs to be explained that the features of the game "Destiny of Blood" all contain deep strategic and brain tests!

(1) Super-free clearance conditions

We have carefully prepared different clearance conditions for you war chess players, including all enemy deaths, dialogue with NPCs, action to designated locations and other different victory conditions. You can participate in events and challenges with or without participation. As long as you meet one of these conditions You can pass the level successfully. How to pass the level most easily requires everyone to use their imagination!

(2) Unlimited job transfer collocation skills

In the game, players have 2 chances to change jobs. You can choose a career according to your needs, keep your original skills, add new hero skills, and create a cheating-like powerful hero.

(3) Strategically team up heroes

The game has created dozens of heroes with different positioning and different skills for each player. Each of these heroes has its own uniqueness and can play a different role in different levels. For example, you can use heroes when you arrive at a designated location." Master", the heir "Catherine" who needs the power of sealing to fight against certain monsters with barrier skills...and so on, as long as the heroes are targeted and the monsters can be crushed and passed easily, it is not a problem.

(4) Special skills of heroes and monsters

There is another point in the strategy team of heroes, and that is the skills possessed by some special heroes. Monsters and bosses in some special levels also have their own special skills. Annihilator's annihilator correction, you can swallow other teammates into your own level, and then use the Pantheon to kill the audience in seconds; the demigod's divine punishment skill can release the divine punishment after 10 rounds, and directly get the battle Victory; the barrier skills of phantom monsters. If the hero cannot destroy the illusion in one move, he will suffer 30% self-destruction... What kind of level the special hero is suitable for, and how to restrain certain special monster skills are all tests for everyone. Brain hole!

(5) The restraint of hero weapons and armor

This is another strategically strong area, restrain the relationship! Armor types such as god armor, dragon armor, heavy armor, medium armor, light armor, unarmored, etc. Weapon types such as empty-handed, long spear, gun, dagger, two-handed axe, pistol, etc. Pistol restraint God armor, medium armor restrained by long spear Wait, as long as you are proficient in understanding the relationship of restraint, there will be no levels you can't pass, no monsters you can't kill! The world is so great for you to soar!

Fate of blood
Hossam Galal

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