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Fairy Stone Story

Fairy Stone Story

By: 扑家工作室

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"The Fable of Fairy Stones: Fairy Stone Story"

The world in which humans live—Middle-Earth is a world where life is stable. However, peace is not forever.

Information about sightings and victimization of rare monsters came from a certain village. You decide to find out the cause and solve the disaster that swept the Middle-earth Continent, so you embarked on a journey.

□ Vertical one-handed operation, slide the screen to move, tap the screen to attack, the operation is extremely simple!

Lots of monsters full of personality!

More than 20 kinds of boss monsters full of personality are waiting for you.

The boss monsters have different weaknesses and can be destroyed.

Can a boss with a tail dock his tail? !

□ Automatic generation of unlimited types of equipment!

Equipment types are divided into weapons, helmets, armors, and shields.

Weapons are divided into one-handed swords and big swords, which require different strategies to fight against the enemy.

All equipment is automatically generated in combination with countless magic effects, and there will be no two identical weapons.

□ Extensive map and 9 dangerous dungeons

There are 5 villages and 9 dungeons in the vast map.

In the village, you will meet all kinds of people and be able to gather information, shop, and accept orders.

The down towns are full of personalities. Simply preparing weapons and armors is not enough. You also need to use props to solve puzzles, otherwise you will not be able to move on.

□ Nostalgic world built in 3D

The world built with all cubes seems to be nostalgic at first glance, but as the game progresses, you will forget all that and immerse yourself in a smooth and meticulous world.

□ A sad, grand story centered on the fairy stone

The peaceful and beautiful land "Middle-Earth Continent" quietly sounded the footsteps in troubled times.

Can you find out the cause of the chaos and bring back a peaceful life for this land?

□ Additional elements after customs clearance

After clearing the level, an automatically generated dungeon "Infinite Prison" will be added.

This is a dungeon that changes every time you enter the terrain. There are a total of 100 floors underground.

More powerful equipment can be obtained here.

The appearance and strength of the equipment are also random.

You can enjoy the pure battle process in this dungeon.

Fairy Stone Story
Hossam Galal

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