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Expedition Island

Expedition Island

By: Gz Ewan

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An adventure RPG that can be explored at will. There is no cookie-cutter plot, no clichéd teamwork, you can freely develop, group adventures, develop happily, brave dungeons, and complete a large number of single-player missions and explorations. Events, encounter various stories and interesting NPCs. If you are not in a hurry, you can look at the stories of each NPC.

We want to make a different RPG. Of course, it is quite difficult for a small team of us. We can only try to do it while letting everyone experience it, so every suggestion from everyone is very important to us. The current version is not well-developed. I hope everyone can understand it a bit and help us make the game better.

***Game Features***

☠Explore the map to conquer mysterious islands☠

You are an expedition looking for a new world. One day, you were suddenly swept by a mysterious huge wave and landed on a mysterious island. This island is very large. There are many scenes such as deserts, oasis, forests, prisons, dungeons, etc., so that you can Ride freely, mine at will.

☠Home decoration, free DIY☠ (next version)

In a new paradise, of course, you have to DIY your own garden and cottage as you like. Not only that, we have also prepared stables and pet nests to make your gaming life more exciting.

☠Collect materials to develop happily☠

In this mysterious island, wealth is everywhere. The materials you collect at your fingertips can be used to build equipment, medicines, classic monsters and upgrades, allowing you to experience the purest happiness.

☠Weird NPC forming a plastic team☠

There are still many NPCs on the island to "play with". They may need your help or can bring you valuable clues. Of course, you can also cultivate relationships with NPCs and recruit them to join your adventure team, but you also have to Beware of them...

Expedition Island
Hossam Galal

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