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Endless Realm

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Place the hanging adventure game.

Players can summon heroes from all walks of life, and conquer the endless realm by cultivating the strength of heroes.

The game includes hero system, equipment system, reincarnation system, rising star system, dungeon system, main line clearance system, arena, battlefield and other gameplay methods.

"Endless Realm" player QQ group: 436658160

Reminder: Please try your best to play the game in a WIFI environment, the initial version may consume more data.

PS: TapTap will become the first test platform of "Endless Realm". There may be various problems in the early stage. We look forward to hearing your voice in the player QQ group (including but not limited to various complaints, various sprays or encouragement) After the official launch, a hall of honor will be set up in the game, and those players who have provided excellent establishments to the game will be permanently recorded in the game development history.

Endless Realm
Hossam Galal

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