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Elf Tower

Elf Tower

By: 雷霆游戏

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"Elf Tower" is a ugly and cute double-horned tower climbing Roguelike. It is simple to operate but still needs to pay attention to strategy. The first time you enter this world, you may be a little confused. Follow the guidance of the big elf and try it slowly. Will gradually feel the novelty of this game.

When you step into the magic tower, you will control the two brothers and sisters to work together, enter the magic forest invaded by monsters, and attack the monsters in the magic tower together!

Dangers and surprises coexist in the magic tower. The combat chessboard strategy combination is rich and varied. The thousand-story magic tower even moves and fights monsters, allowing you to climb higher and higher! How to effectively improve the combat effectiveness and defeat the boss has become the key to the smooth destruction of the tower. On the way to climb the tower, you can get bonus effects by synthesizing advanced gems, you can also rescue the elves to form various formations, and there are various random encounters that make you feel fresh every time you climb the tower!

[Original dual-role climbing tower, fighting with each other's strategy]

Perhaps this is a combat system you have never played before! One person can control the two roles of brother and sister to play left and right, taking turns to release skills, and flanking strange monsters in the magic tower. Reasonably choose the timing of skill release, so that you can go deeper and successfully unlock the treasure chest and pass the level successfully.

[Climbing the tower to fight wit and courage, 25 hours are not enough! 】

The road to climb the tower is not easy. Using your brain, a combination of strategies and resources can make you go further. There are many kinds of battle board, synthesize gems of different colors, and provide various buffs for the two brothers and sisters. Successfully rescue the cute elves through battle, connect and combine multiple elves formations to provide you with powerful assists.

[Looking at the strength also depends on the Koi, the next level is blessing or curse? 】

Attack on the Enchanted Tower and you can choose the room you want and enter the next level of the unknown! Either encounter a lost hero and ask him to join the combat team; or collect resources from the energy stone to improve combat effectiveness; or throw a bet under the wheel of destiny, and the outcome is all by fate! There are also tower spirits, enchantments, potion witches, skill generals waiting for you...

[Give Gan'er a vacation, I want them all! 】

In the process of climbing the tower, you can save all kinds of elves with unique skills. In order to repay your life-saving grace, they will not only fight for you, but also return to your home ranch, work hard for you, collect offline resources, and become A good helper for fighting monsters and making money.

Elf Tower
Hossam Galal

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