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E-sports hero

E-sports hero

By: Good wind

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"Esports Heroes" was designed and developed by Haofeng, a retired soldier of special forces. The game is a highly professional e-sports game based on the theme elements of Chinese special forces and combined with e-sports competitions.

The game is designed with 3D real scenes and real weapon control, professional special forces shooting training ground. The game has two modes: normal mode and e-sports mode. The e-sports mode removes the sight of traditional shooting games. It depends on the player to estimate the trajectory of the bullet to hit the target. The sniper rifle is equipped with a scope but at different distances. It’s necessary to choose different aiming points to accurately hit the target, which brings the game closer to the realism and technicality, and improves the degree of difficulty and the standard of e-sports games.

Game global rankings, global player competition rankings, display the flag, nickname, completion time and other parameters of the players on the list. Players on the list will get rewards of good wind coins (good wind coins can unlock game levels and redeem items in the mall).

E-sports hero
Hossam Galal

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