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Dungeon and Warrior M

Dungeon and Warrior M

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Ten years of fighting growth has continued to break through and become stronger. Ten years of fighting king’s classic and genuine mobile game "Dungeons and Warriors" inherits the features of 2D horizontal version of the fighting game, the classic four initial careers, eight major job transfers to be awakened, on Hundreds of skills and equipment combinations, refreshing fighting is on the verge. More familiar abysses, epics, and multiplayer dungeons are waiting for the challenge of the warriors, and the adventure of Arad is unfolding again at the fingertips of moving!

[Refreshing combos, but not breaking quickly]

Multiple professional power system, hundreds of skills combos freely, there is always a combo secret that suits you, fighting duels are free and easy!

[The peak showdown, the group is assembled]

The multiplayer challenge surrounding the apostle is launched again on the mobile terminal. Raid Raid copies of Rotes coexist with surprises and challenges, and there are more ancient copies stored in memory waiting for the warrior to come back to the challenge, and the adventure of Arad is open again!

[Personality development, breakthrough growth]

Stable growth system, personality change system, super cute pet companion, never lonely in professional growth, giving adventurers the strongest nurturing experience.

【Fair competition, new fighting】

The fairest growth becomes stronger, real-time duel PVP, and time-matched PVE, are constantly breaking through and becoming stronger on the basis of fair personal growth, fair duel stimulates passionate instinct, and confirms your fighting strength at any time!

[Extreme adventure, abyss challenge]

Inherit the classic ultimate fighting challenge, the abyss epic, the flash of luck, the professional adventure competition strength is also the competition luck, you are stronger than you think.

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Dungeon and Warrior M
Hossam Galal

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