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Dreaming back to the phoenix song

Dreaming back to the phoenix song

By: 湖南草花互动科技股份公司

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"Menghuifengge" is an ancient style love strategy mobile game.

Urban white-collar workers fall into the vortex of time and space, and awakening from dreams has been a hundred years old.

Stepping into the treacherous palace for the previous life, everything becomes involuntary afterwards.

How can you, who have lived again for the first time, become an emperor in this harem with three thousand beauties, from being unfamiliar to being a favorite?

In the face of chaotic and complicated feelings, it's a good idea to choose what to choose.

In front of the harem, who is trapped in intrigue and exhausted, how can I protect myself?

Ups and downs of plots, love and friendship, factional intrigue, and pretend adventures, the heroine Xiaobai is waiting for you to be promoted and cultivated!

Dreaming back to the phoenix song
Hossam Galal

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