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Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit

By: 小海豚游戏

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"Dragon Spirit" is a two-dimensional card placement and hanging game, the god of the myth, incarnation of the Valkyrie, is collected and placed. Perfect fusion of role playing & card placement. The high-cold royal sister Pandora, the lovely Lori Poseidon, and different Valkyrie are matched together to create an exclusive high-value and super-powerful goddess group! There are many mythological gods reappeared in the game, and there are more Adras plots waiting for you to explore, life is endless, fighting is endless, hurry up and summon your goddess, form your team to adventure together in "Dragon Spirit" Right!

【Adrass New Life】

New world, new adventure, new adventure! Go to Adras, experience a different style, and start a new fantasy journey in the universe!

[Move your fingertips, the ultimate turnaround]

Change the lineup and the front and back positions of heroes to truly achieve cross-combat clearance and experience rich strategies in depth!

[Awakening of the whole people, European Qi Possession]

High explosive rate, must guarantee the bottom, not black face! Five-star Valkyrie will be born for ten consecutive starts, and willfully summon the beautiful goddess! Full server ushered in a new breakthrough for the Valkyrie, the exclusive artifact is now available, adding to the adventurous strength!

[The graceful goddess descends]

New goddess, high-profile, strong combat power! Many gods incarnate Valkyrie come on stage! Fight with the heroes against the strongest villain in the universe! ... She is waiting for a hero to fight hand in hand, do you dare to come?

[Full server players peak competition]

Join the arena and PK with the majority of players across the server! Attack the leaderboards and the highest glory to win powerful loot!

Dragon Spirit
Hossam Galal

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