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Dragon Hunter Master

Dragon Hunter Master

By: 言众科技

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Project Description

Magic jungle, sword and magic, survival and hunting world.

Swords and swords shadows, highlighting the encirclement, an extremely refreshing experience.

Product highlights:

1. Vertical smooth action experience

• Adventure in the jungle to challenge all kinds of monsters, from mice, slimes, gangsters, to giant apes, dragons, and monsters with various attack methods, testing the player's operational strength.

• Click to perform various combos. Gorgeous and cool combo skills can be done with just one click.

2. Simple, comfortable and easy-to-handle operation feel

•Vertical version, suitable for one-handed operation.

• Innovative operating experience, allowing players to perform smooth actions with one hand

• Flickering and moving, torment all the mobs easily.

3. ROUGELITE, leisure and growth experience.

• Casual ROUGELITE game experience, gradually growing in the battle, random learning skills, combining various magic skills. The world is invincible, just around the corner.

• A jungle adventure full of randomness, with special events coming one after another, with a difference of thoughts, turning against the wind.

•Blessings, artifacts, and special effects make you stronger gradually.

Dragon Hunter Master
Hossam Galal

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