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Dragon Flame Tavern

Dragon Flame Tavern

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"Dragon Flame Tavern" is a dice card turn-based battle game developed by Heiluo Games. At the same time, it is also the battle sequel to the first product of Heiluo Game "Dragon Flame War".

In the game, players move through dice to fight, and choose different lords and form their own decks. Hone your deck through continuous battles, and choose the cards and spells that suit you best. The game continues the world view of the confrontation and symbiosis between dragons and humans in "Dragon Flame War", and inherits the unique lords of each kingdom in the "Dragon Flame War" world. Choose a lord who can represent your personality and match it with a set of cards you love. On this small checkerboard, come to a game of "Dragon Flame Tavern"!

Game features:

1: Original dice movement + card battle method

2: Followers, spells, and traps three types of cards

3: Six unique lords + more than 70 unique cards

4: PVP, PVE and other modes to challenge

Dragon Flame Tavern
Hossam Galal

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