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Divine Discovery

Divine Discovery

By: Gz Ewan

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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An archaic simulation management × investigation game. Here, you can collect secret piles of intelligence, try a hundred public cases, incarnate for injury and obtain evidence, search for evidence on the spot, solve cases, and punish the wicked. You, who traveled to the capital of God, held an important position in Dali Temple and became the confidant of Master Di. You fought side by side with ancient celebrities. As the plot broke through one unsolved case, you also accidentally learned about unknown conspiracies and secrets... Can you become a good official who solves thousands of cases and wins the hearts of the people?

Game features

[Crossing through into the capture quickly restores the atmosphere of the investigation] What is the experience of crossing into the Tang Dynasty and being captured quickly? From searching for evidence and viewing testimony, to selecting evidence for reasoning and analysis, to determining the culprit, and restoring the entire process of ancient case detection. Be a colleague with various celebrities, don't panic, trust your protagonist halo!

[Simulation of Dali Temple in charge of large and small affairs] When you first arrive at Dali Temple, you will be in charge of all the affairs of Dali Temple. Can you develop Dali Temple into the first division of the Tang Dynasty? Can you deal with all the grievances of the people one by one?

[Dark Pile Joint Intelligence in Hand] Controls the most confidential intelligence agency in the entire dynasty, and all the information you want and not want has to pass through your hands. If there is a secret report one day: there are spies! How do you find out!

[Search for evidence, solve the case and raise the case for judgment] In a case, evidence must be left after all, and evidence is searched on the spot to find the truth from clues. In court, let the suspect have nowhere to hide, convict the evil and redress the injustice.

[Incarnation for wound inspection and rectification] The right to live, the speech for the deceased, to find the real fatal injury of the deceased, determine the cause of death, find out the suspects and eliminate the wrong evidence, complete the death report according to strict logic, so that the real murderer is invisible.

[Walking in the officialdom to test the way to be an official] The officialdom is intriguing and deceiving. With your talent, how many episodes can you survive? In the face of the doubts and power of officials, do you have to do nothing but profit...

Divine Discovery
Hossam Galal

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