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Destiny Sand Timepiece

Destiny Sand Timepiece

By: 盛趣游戏

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Pushing open the mysterious door, dumping the hourglass of destiny——

"You" strolling in the world-famous art museum, but guided by the gate of destiny, stepped into a dark corridor.

At the end of the cloister, there is a luxurious castle inhabited by twelve mysterious residents.

They are all geniuses active in different fields, but behind this, there is also a huge secret hidden...

Trapped in the castle, you can only leave until the day when the hourglass is over.

And in this period of profit and loss, your fate will be...?

"Give it all to me... including your body and mind-and your destiny."

——Romantic and wonderful plot setting

"Destiny Sand Timepiece" is set with ups and downs and beautiful and romantic storyline. A large number of branch options are set in the plot, and each step of the choice will affect the final trend of the plot, and your destiny is in your hands. In addition, a variety of auxiliary plots such as "his perspective" and "letter" are attached, allowing you to understand the story in depth from multiple angles.

——Super popular and powerful dubbing lineup

The super gorgeous dubbing lineup will whisper romantic whispers in your ears, providing you with an exclusive super high-level listening experience.

——Beautiful and exquisite art production

Beautiful and exquisite art design, domineering commander, outstanding musician, passionate writer... Twelve geniuses with different personalities are about to embark on a destiny encounter with you. In addition, with the development of the plot, you will also get more character cards and heart animations that match the plot, see the handsome and elegant figures of the heroes, and record every unforgettable sweet moment.

——Colorful collection of costumes

Variety and gorgeous clothing is the most indispensable element in a romantic meeting! In the dressing system, the variety of styles, gorgeous and cute costumes is simply dizzying. At the same time, you can also dress up your favorite him and your own cozy cabin to create a unique dream world. Put on beautiful clothes and become the focus of everyone's attention.

Destiny Sand Timepiece
Hossam Galal

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