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Crab vs Programmer

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This game is adapted from real events

At present, the founder of the company Crab has started his second venture, and "Crab vs. Programmer" came into being. If there will always be so many keyboard men in this world to eat human blood steamed buns, then the founder hopes that his human blood steamed buns can be eaten by himself.


You can choose the programmer or the crab boss, beat the opponent to death or squeeze out of the ring to win on the spot. Two wins of three games.


You can get more attribute rewards and unlock more characters through daily beatings, sex tempts, salty fish draw faces, and sticks to force one party to suffer from Stockholm syndrome and improve one's reputation. If you choose to increase the reputation of the crab, the reputation of the programmer will decrease, and vice versa.

Crab vs  Programmer
Hossam Galal

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