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Code name: History of the Wind

Code name: History of the Wind

By: 梦想方舟工作室

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The situation changed in an instant, and the ambition was high and clean.

The 3D big world MMORPG Xianxia mobile game "Codename: Legend of the Wind and Clouds" brings you free adventures at will. It not only has a fully customized makeup and face-squeezing system to fully show your personal style, but also a development system without a fixed occupation, with real-time Action-based refreshing battles, you only need one character to play all the exciting things in the game.

"Code: The Wind and Cloud" also removes the MMORPG's one-stop quest that makes players irritating, allowing you to choose to follow the main mission to experience the exciting story, or freely explore and leap over the top of the smoke wave in the open world, looking for hidden mountains Among the adventures. In addition, you don’t have to worry about not producing and being embarrassed. The home system of the gameplay can guarantee your logistics, and there is no worries about going out with the sword.

The land of China is surging, and the world of monsters, spirits and weirs is in a variety of ways. If you dominate the rivers and lakes or retreat to the mountains and forests, you can become immortals or fall into the demon abyss. Both good and evil exist in a single thought.

The game is still in the research and development stage. If you don’t take care of it well, I would like to ask all the fellow heroes and Daoists to do more.

Code name: History of the Wind
Hossam Galal

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