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If a quasi-bounty hunter thrown out of the house is your childhood friend and you find the brutally guarded chariot, will you bear the fate of a legendary bounty hunter like him?

If the legendary red-haired man jumped out of the chariot for love, and you were there when he was physically fighting against steel, will this eulogized love have a happy ending?

Noah is still looking for the remaining humans, and the survivors are rebelling. This is your story. You will choose how to survive in the last days.

The protagonist has a halo, and his growth is as fast as sitting on a rocket, but we are just grassroots bounty hunters, honestly and diligently accepting rewards, fighting against the bounty leader, and improving our own strength.

Here is your story, the growth process written by thousands of bounty hunters.

>>>>>How to play>>>>>>

[Parallel time and space plot reappears]

Some people are the protagonists even if they are thrown out of the house, but we are watching them quietly beside them. The game has a large number of main and branch plots, and some classic sections will surely evoke your memories. Maybe you know the ending of the story, this time as a bystander, can you leave no regrets in this world?

[DIY Reconstruction of Chariot]

Engine, chassis, main gun, secondary gun, C device... You can transform it into a roshan with full-body armor, or you can transform it into an extreme flow tank with only the main gun. note! Although the ace mechanic can help you reduce the weight of your accessories, the engine has the limit of traction, and the chassis has the limit of modification. There is no strongest tank. Build your own tank and ride in the desert of the end times~

[Get on and off the car at will during the battle]

There are special skills in the art industry. You can be an old driver and specialize in driving. Then your tank will have better damage and control. Of course, if the tank is broken, you can also go down for hand-to-hand combat. You can also be a muscle. Macho, then I suggest that the chariot should be used as a means of transportation~ The mechanic is also open in the game, you can use monsters as your combat power just like subduing Pokémon (manual dog head)

[Single machine, a lot of networked]

This is a game that focuses on single-player exploration, which allows you to experience the fun of exploration and promote the development of the plot. Of course, during this period you will encounter a very powerful map bounty leader, you can team up to crusade and receive huge bounty. Or the equipment you build is very strong but you can't use it yourself, you can make money on the auction house.

[Unexpected Fortune]

Fixed treasures are boring, experience real exploration, use detectors to mine treasures from various places (of course, this is outside the plot, and friends who don’t like to explore don’t have to worry about affecting the development of the main line), treasures include but are not limited to a whole battle Car (manually funny)

[Not afraid of death, resurrected by electrotherapy]

Unexpectedly, this electrotherapy is not for you to quit Internet addiction, but for "heroic immortality." Don’t be afraid if the monster is too strong to fight, just give your body to Professor Yang!

Hossam Galal

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