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City of the Rings

City of the Rings

By: Contra-Petting Studio

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*Fast-paced, mild, and strategically deep battle game

* Guess and counter each other, forming a fun game similar to boxing

*Explore secrets, explore the randomness and exploratory nature of thrilling unknown areas

*Original and independent, with unique world view settings and art style

[How to control]

Players can complete the charge of skills between the ring and the ring by dragging the ring in their hand; they can also perform designated attacks by dragging. Anyway, just drag it!

[Game Features]

1. Collect: Collect and understand the rings you own

2. Preparation: Combine and match the ring and equip it on your hand

3. Combat: Use your Swag hand to defeat opponents and get more rings

4. Skills: guess each other's ideas of moves, counter-control, and win by surprise

Note: The exciting background music in the video comes from "The devil you know" by X Ambassadors in the United States. If copyright issues are involved, you can directly contact the "Contra-Petting Studio" team.

Official QQ group: 749559043

City of the Rings
Hossam Galal

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