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Cat don it chase me

Cat don it chase me

By: 极光计划

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"Don't Chase Me Cat" is a 2D cartoon style casual competitive mobile game. Players can choose to play as a cat or a mouse. The number of strong cats is small, and the number of weak mice is large. In the game, there are fierce competitions around the key object cheese. The game also sets up a variety of confrontation modes, exciting confrontation, unlimited fun!

[Casual sports, easy to get started]

A game takes 10 minutes, no need to wait for it to start at any time. The rules and operations are simple and easy to learn, and you will be able to change after you master it.

[Asymmetric confrontation, the strength depends on the player's strength]

Cats have strong individual abilities and a small number, suitable for players who like challenges. Rats have weak individual abilities and a large number, suitable for players who like teamwork.

[Multiple modes, different ways of playing]

In the cheese-taking mode, 1 cat and 3 mice fight against each other.

3v3 mode, one team of 1 cat and 2 mice, two teams confront each other.

Different models, different identities, and hugely different competitive experiences. The game mode will continue to introduce new ones.

[Growth within the game, changeable strategy]

According to the change of the battle situation, you can choose to enhance the different abilities of the character. Each round is different and adapt to the circumstances.

[Characteristic skills, appearance can be customized]

Each character has its own unique skills, as well as various different attribute configurations, which determine the completely different experience of each character.

Each character has multiple sets of skins for players to pursue and choose. In addition to the skin, you can also customize the color of the parts on the character.

Cat don it chase me
Hossam Galal

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