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Breaking Blade

Breaking Blade

By: 广州简悦科技

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"Blade of the Air" is a 3D swipe action mobile game featuring "continuous strokes". When the world collapses and alien beasts are rampant, players, as doomsday survivors, must learn to flexibly use deformable cold monsters and various auxiliary battle pets to fight life and death with various mutant beasts in order to protect the last shelter of mankind. The place-Yawei, a mobile city.

Combat features:

[Swipe screen operation without joystick, refer to which one to hit which one second is in place]

The "light touch screen touch screen" action control system can quickly complete a series of actions such as walking, avoiding, attacking, picking up, and EX skills. Simple operation, high-speed response, grasp the opportunity of the battle.

[Freely create moves and routines, quickly adapt to different battlefields]

Multi-dimensional attack system, "Four gesture skills" x "Hundreds of weapon skills" x "Nine series of magic skills", players can freely create moves and routines, a battle can be equipped with at least 13 skills, can play a hundred moves.

[Continuous floating combo, the refreshment of a master of action]

When the monster is hit hard and straight by you, immediately start your combo release, continue to float in the air, attack, violently crush...100+ floating combos, quickly grab the results.

[Realistic physics feedback the sense of blow, enjoy the joy of fighting]

Every knife has real feedback, blood splashes after hitting the boss, destructible dungeon scenes, and full screen cracking when releasing big moves. Enjoy the sense of actual combat that surpasses the mobile phone.

[A copy of the smart level, challenge the high IQ Boss]

With a wealth of level copies, you can challenge high IQ bosses to your heart's content, some will overwhelm you, and some will give you a bombardment...unlimited variables, waiting for you to see what you do.

The Android technology test time: start at 10:00 on September 4

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Breaking Blade
Hossam Galal

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