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Blade of Berserker

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"Knife of Madness" is an orthodox and bloody horizontal version of the ACT mobile game in a magical style. Players will follow the perspective of the first protagonist to slay demons and demons all the way to bring world peace in the microcosm.

The 1V1 battle mode, the combination of skill floating moves, and the operation settings that make the magic soldiers seamlessly connect, so that players who like action and fighting games can relive the fighting experience of fighting games.


①Four protagonists with different personalities, each has its own merits, skill mix and match, come and go like wind, all depends on operation

②Several challenge modes to challenge the limits we bring to you

③Make the demon soldiers so that you are no longer alone all the way, majestic and majestic to fight against demons

④PVP mode allows you to experience the pleasure of PK freely, and random matching skills can combine your own routines.

Blade of Berserker
Hossam Galal

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