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Big Warcraft

Big Warcraft

By: 成都市玉米树科技

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"Big Warcraft" is a simple pixel-style placement adventure mobile game, multiplayer battle strategy role-playing game. Gorgeous graphics, simple and exciting battles, high-degree-of-freedom exploration, and unprecedented gaming experience. The colorful skills and unpredictable formation make the battle more fun and challenging.

There are three heroes to choose from: Undead, Elf, and Orc. It can be understood as the three lines of agility, intelligence and strength.

1. PVE gameplay

Explore on the map, fight immediately when encountering monsters, completely let go of the operation, defeat the boss of the level, and the offline benefit will become larger and larger~

2. PVP gameplay

Choose any players on the leaderboard to challenge, or randomly match players with similar levels to fight, and a new map-based PVP mode will be opened in the future.

3. Guild System

Form the strongest guild, chat with other players, make friends, team up to rob resources, activity copies, novice players join the guild to get all kinds of care and help.

4. Rich content

Automatic battle, world map, refined attributes, artifact upgrades, partners follow!

Equipment is smelted, swallowed, and consumed in full refund

More content waiting for you to experience

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Big Warcraft
Hossam Galal

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