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Battlefield of Eternal

Battlefield of Eternal

By: R2Games

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Battlefield of Eternal is a unique MOBA competitive handheld game, based on the traditional MOBA 5v5 classic gameplay. Based on the classic 5v5 gameplay of traditional MOBAs, the game boldly and originally abolishes all heroes' magic values, allowing players to unleash skill combos and create new distinctive, engaging and well-balanced heroes. The legends of heroes in the eternal battlefield will be created by you!


- eSports World Championship Producer

Former EHOME Club DotA pro Zhang Wenli (ID: EHOME.GK), one of the earliest eSports players in China, has teamed up with 820, 357, DGC, Dai, LongDD, DC and other legendary professional players, and won many top domestic and international DotA tournaments. After retiring from the military, Zhang Wenli chose to transition to game development work, with more than ten years of experience in game development, and has worked in a number of well-known Internet game companies such as Netease, Tencent as a competitive game planner and producer. Out of his passion and love for games and e-sports, Zhang Wenli will create a unique MOBA handheld game from the perspectives of ordinary players, professional players and game developers.

- Spiritual Great Man Time & Space Showdown

The game's heroes are all inspired by the great men and gods of the century, making it possible to play Einstein vs Medusa. Each of the heroes will be highly restored in terms of character models, skills, and backstories, etc. At the same time, we will also innovate according to the characteristics of the characters, so that players can not only enjoy the fun of competition, but also discover the back story of the great men.

- Compete without blue limit

Battlefield of Eternal breaks away from traditional MOBA gameplay by eliminating heroic blue consumption and releasing all skills without consumption. We refuse to be bored in a tug-of-war and ensure that players enjoy the fun of MOBAs in a 10-minute battle, so grab your teammates and let's go!

Battlefield of Eternal
Hossam Galal

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