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Battle of Tanks

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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The second test of "Battle of Tanks" will be conducted at 12 o'clock in the morning on September 5th! Stay tuned!

Brand-new scenes, brand-new tanks, brand-new UI design are waiting for you to experience!

The combination of multiple operation modes + the release of combat skills, plus the co-pilot + equipment, a brand new feeling!

Battle of Tanks is a poisonous game!

The gorgeous upgraded version of the classic game "90 Tanks", "Tank Battle", come to fight each other!

This is an awesome casual competitive game, not only fighting reaction ability, but also testing your strategy and IQ! Here, killing others and becoming a tyrant is your only goal!


1. Control the joystick on the left to move your tank, avoid bullets, and avoid enemy tracking.

2. Click on the position on the disc on the right side, and bullets will be fired in the corresponding direction. The bullets also have CDs.

3. Click anywhere on the screen, and bullets will be fired to the clicked position.

4. Click the equipment button, and the corresponding equipment skills will be released, which is so cool!

5. Two-player mode and 6-player mode are waiting for you and your friends to challenge.

Game features

[A variety of bullets are waiting for you to experience]

Shotguns, wall cannons, laser cannons, we can't do it without us, only you can't think of it.

[A variety of equipment is waiting for you to try]

Bray, shield, big blast, I'm excited to think about it

[The madman with sister is you]

Do you want to be the hero in my sister's mind? Come and bring her to play a few

Official QQ group: 180624195

Battle of Tanks
Hossam Galal

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