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Battle of the Endless Planes

Battle of the Endless Planes

By: 群星之上

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"Battle of Infinite Planes" is a strategy game that explores the unknown.

In the game, the player will act as the lord from the plane of Aurora, as an "adventurer" and "conqueror", traverse one plane after another, and explore, develop, expand and conquer in the endless plane world.

[Plane shuttles through the unknown world of multiple planes]

Players can shuttle to different planes, explore and conquer in the unknown world, and bring the loot back to the main plane. Improve your combat power in the main plane, conquer new planes after replenishing your energy.

[Multiplayer battles on the big map in real time]

Players can fight with other people and indigenous forces on the same screen in real time on the big map. Develop strategies, guard terrain, outflank, and split into groups to fight against opponents or work together to defeat the natives of the plane through strategy.

[Infinite experience new plane starts from scratch]

Every time you cross to a sub-plane is a brand new start, build and develop from scratch together with other players, and occupy provinces in the plane to expand your territory. In a limited time, fully mobilize your own forces, occupy the plane or harvest resources to the greatest extent, bring back to the main plane to improve your strength.

[Freely explore random events to change the battle situation]

After reaching the new plane, players can lead the army to explore and explore freely. In the process of reclaiming wasteland, they not only have the chance to encounter the pilgrimage of the plane lord, but also may be blessed by random elements, thereby enhancing their own strength and gradually unlocking the full picture of the plane. .

[Strategic platoon combination activates new formation]

Players can combine heroes according to the current battle situation and their own development, adjust the formation of the legion, and match the combination of arms. Different combinations can deal with different battle scenarios.

Battle of the Endless Planes
Hossam Galal

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