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Battle Hymn

Battle Hymn

By: 拟酷游戏

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The magical MMORPG mobile game Battle Hymn follows its own path-to be an authentic MMORPG

In addition to the basic elements of excellent graphics and percussiveness, we put the most energy on how to make everyone feel better in the game.

When the game goes live, the team has prepared three basic professions for everyone

From the original tactics of the Iron Triangle of animal hu***andry, to the new skills that appear after the basic career transfer, the game experience will change greatly.

Each profession becomes a unique existence in the dungeon, and some professions are necessary for the dungeon.

For example, in a 20-person team instance, players are required to work closely together. In order to solve the professional needs of team formation, we have redesigned professional skills.

In addition, the team has also redesigned the social system to let everyone talk from every point that can create everyone's chat!

The team has a beautiful name: there is only one activation point between you and ta.

In the end, Battle Hymn all set up five Flags!

[Promise not to do krypton gold activities]

We hope: Everyone will become more qualified businessmen in the game

[Promise not to be tired from playing games every day]

We hope: games can’t make you feel like a burden of life

[Promise to find a new partner in 3 days]

We hope: continue to play the game not because of boredom, but because of concern for your gaming life

[Promise that all users can feel needed]

We hope: every user has a meaning in the game, not just playing games with big R

[Promise not only that you will like our games, but also our ideas]

We hope that our games will become part of your real life. Relaxation, fun and happiness are the source of game development.

We hope that you will like us~

Battle Hymn
Hossam Galal

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