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Bastard Jianghu (beta)

Bastard Jianghu (beta)

By: YouGameMe工作室

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Welcome to Bastard Jianghu, this is a 3D game, a very interesting game, a game that combines strategy, placement, and mutual control and anti-control between different players.

This game will make players feel the fun gameplay of various strategic placements, and at the same time will have a very realistic shooting experience. In this 3D world, players will take risks here from a first-person perspective, and gradually master various forces through their various strategies in the game, so as to grow into the gang boss here, and then unify " Rivers and lakes".

How to play:

Destroy all the defensive tanks in the opponent's castle, enter the house to obtain gold coins and strengthen the defense of your own castle.

Own castle: create defensive tanks, place invasions, protect property (gold coins, health bars)

Opposing castle: From the attack list, select a castle and click to enter the opponent's castle. Purpose: Destroy all the opponent's defensive tanks and loot their gold coins.

Whenever a castle is broken, this castle will exist as your subsidiary (little brother), and 30% of his income and wealth will be handed over to you in the future.

Come on, go to the fight, collect more "brothers" and enjoy the glory of harvesting the "protection fees" of all the younger brothers.

Bastard Jianghu (beta)
Hossam Galal

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