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Archers duel

Archers duel

By: Naughty Cheetah

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【game introduction】

"Archer Duel" is a 3V3 casual battle competitive mobile game. The characters of the game have distinctive personalities and diverse play modes, both the operability and strategy of MOBA games, and the simplicity and fun of casual games. Take out your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, and you can fight with players all over the world in just 3 minutes!

[Game Features]

1.3v3 fair play!

Presenting a fun fighting experience, hero strategy matching, no development, refreshing and intense!

2. Young and flamboyant, fun and beautiful!

The heroic design full of youthful flavor, rich in fashionable art style, and all the tunes you like are available here!

3. Rich gameplay, experience multiple combat strategies!

A variety of battle scenes with different rules, endless creativity and unlimited fun!

4. It only takes 3 minutes to enjoy PK anytime, anywhere!

The character does not need to develop, as long as 3 minutes, you can enjoy the ultimate competitive experience!

5. Same server globally, real-time matching!

Intelligent matching system, fight with hundreds of millions of players around the world!

6. Operation & strategy, fight to the top!

Matching heroes, powerful kills, scene destruction... has unlimited possibilities! Whether you are operating stream or stream of consciousness, you can climb to the top!

Archers duel
Hossam Galal

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