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Apocalypse of Betarus

Apocalypse of Betarus

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After the nine lords were driven into the gods, the element lords were ready to move again, and the world of Destrand was facing a crisis of complete destruction.

"Apocalypse of Betarus" is a MOBA operation arena fighting mobile game. Players will play a talented warlock and compete with other warlocks on the dreamlike island of love.

Go to the nine planes immediately, control the power of the elements, compete for the sacred stone fragments, and save the world of Destrand!

Product feature introduction:

Dreamy and delicate game scene

Start a magical journey on the island of love and experience the unique magical cartoon world style.

Exciting combat experience

Classic MOBA operation, multiple rounds of fast-paced combat. Get points by ranking and killing each round to win the final victory.

Unpredictable elemental response

Control the wonderful reactions brought by the elements of water, fire, earth, wind, etc., free your brain and let the battle heat up!

The magic combination of strategy games

Any combination of 20+ kinds of skills, experience a very deep magic match.

Apocalypse of Betarus
Hossam Galal

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