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Anti-turing test

Anti-turing test

By: 宇宙潘达

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All the stories start from the endless reset. You wake up in the room again and again and skillfully choose the equipment you need. Open the door and enter the familiar scene after another. Fight, then die, waking up again with the memory of this death.

You understand that this is a test, and your abilities are constantly being stimulated by all kinds of battles. In each reincarnation, to understand all the details, to experience all the possibilities. These fragments will give you the truth about this endless test.

During the game, you will walk through huge man-made cities, bloody battlefields, ruins of ancient cities, etc. And these scenarios will give you enough challenges every time. Only when you become strong can you understand the truth of this world.

Game content:

1. DBG as the core strategic combat method

Through the randomness of rougelike and the charm of DBG, there is a unique experience in each game.

2. Fragmented narrative

We put the truth and history of this world in the process of every journey of yours. The process of finding the truth is also a process of finding yourself, and even finding the meaning of testing.

3. Endgame growth experience

Compared with games of the same type, we pay more attention to the growth of players after each game. After each end, your game results will be converted into data blocks. These data blocks will be used to strengthen your abilities, and every round of your battle will make you really stronger.

4. Weapon System and Displacement System

Too many cards in DBG deck to late stage? No problem, it's better to throw the useless card into the weapon and let him use the last bit of residual heat.

Strategy fixation is too boring? No problem, use the displacement system reasonably to dodge the enemy's attack and let the enemies collide with each other to cause real damage!

5. Complete stand-alone experience

There is no need for the whole process of networking, no multiplayer PVP, no money to buy value, only pure game fun.

Anti-turing test
Hossam Galal

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