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Anonymous Letter: The Hidden

Anonymous Letter: The Hidden

By: 深圳市火星人互动娱乐有限公司

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"Anonymous Letter: The Hidden" is the second part of the Anonymous Letter series of adventure puzzle games.

The story is followed by "Anonymous Letter: The Heartbreaker", the protagonist Fox Manman discovered that someone was conducting a secret experiment in the school's underground laboratory and accidentally touched the poison gas organ. They were taken to the hospital, and after recovery, they found an anonymous letter guiding them to a Chinese restaurant-Zhonghua Building. Through a series of explorations, it is discovered that the Zhonghua Building has been transformed by people, and everything seems to originate from an abnormal giant tree...what is hidden behind this?

Game features:

Rich and interesting puzzle gameplay

Scene interactive puzzle solving, role interactive puzzle solving, logical reasoning puzzle solving, multi-line open puzzle solving and other puzzle-solving methods are integrated, which not only tests the player’s memory and logic, but also tests the player’s insight and creative thinking. Will follow the developers' brains and explore the fun of solving puzzles.

Exquisite paintings, good news for Furry lovers

There are as many as 12 characters in the series, all of which are anthropomorphic small animals. The exquisite painting and the atmosphere of the scene make the game art unique. It is not only a welfare for puzzle-solving enthusiasts, but also a gospel for Furry fans.

Open plot design, let players' minds open up

Through the collection of clues and the unlocking of events in the notebook, players will have a more profound interpretation of the series of works. The open ending design and intricate character lines will open up players' minds.

Secret room gameplay, highlighting the 3D scene characteristics

In the game, the advantages of the 3D scene are used to create a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, restore the room escape gameplay, and give players an immersive experience.

Anonymous Letter: The Hidden
Hossam Galal

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