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Developed with Unreal Engine 4,this game contains elements of Cthulhu and European chivalry. The storyline focuses on wars arising from disputes of faith and territory among different religious factions and kingdoms.

As commanders, players can collect a variety of mercenaries. They’ll experience the trials and tribulations of war while exploring the unique geography and cultures the world of Annulus offers.

The core gameplay is influenced by classic roguelike mechanics. Combat takes the form of a tactical, turn-based style war chess that simplifies moves but still preserves a good amount of strategy. Randomly generated landforms, items, weather, and time of day really shine through on the Unreal Engine 4—and these elements combine to give players a high degree of variability and replay value.

Player controlled characters hail from various races found in high fantasy themes, such as humans, orcs, elves, etc. Every character is endowed with different abilities and characteristics. The differences among each character let players mold hundreds of unique, tactical combos.

Hossam Galal

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