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Anna is game

Anna is game

By: 柠檬酱游戏

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Anna's game is a text puzzle game set in Paris, France.

The whole game is played in a mobile phone operating system. You need to check text messages in this system, send messages with your friends, order takeaways, view photo albums and notebooks, and move forward by simulating operations on ordinary mobile phones. Story, understand the horrible truth of the incident!

Your choice will affect the direction of the story, and make you fall deeper and deeper, exploring the creepy plot behind the event!

The plot of the story will slowly guide you, make you manipulated, make you confused, make you surprised, make you angry, and make you marvel at the twists and turns of the event.

This experience will make you blur the reality and the illusion, and make you feel like you are in it.


-Experience a thrilling and horrible interactive story that will make you extremely excited

-Find various hidden clues in your phone

-Interact with you, your family, and all kinds of strangers on your phone

-Make your own choice based on the text

-Take your steps bravely, you never know what will happen next

-You can start the game repeatedly to explore different endings

Are you ready to start entering the game world of the terrifying Anna?

Anna is game
Hossam Galal

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