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Ancient Seal of Kaku

Ancient Seal of Kaku


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"Kaku Ancient Seal" is a relaxed and fun action-adventure game. You will become an ancient boy and pets to embark on an adventure in an open fantasy world. With unique art style, interesting organ design, and a tortuous and complete journey, are you ready to head to the continent of Aoraka?


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Game features and gameplay:

In the game, you will become an ancient teenager "Kaku" and explore and adventure in the open fantasy world with pets, find the lost temples scattered in the depths of the world, obtain the power of the ancient four elements, and solve the world-breaking The truth, finally eliminate the evil forces and save the world!

1. Fantasy and unique art style

The game is developed and produced based on the UE4 engine, and adopts the art style that combines realistic scenes with cartoon characters, showing the bizarre visual effects of Disney's fairy tales.

2. Simple and refreshing combat experience

The combat mechanism is inspired by arcade games. You can experience the refreshing feel and visual impact of different moves in a simple way of releasing the kill. Players of all ages and levels can easily get started and enjoy simple and pure fun in the game.

3. Exquisite and interesting mechanism design

Ingenious and interesting scenes to solve puzzles and interactions, you only need to enter the game with a curiosity to meet unknown challenges!

4. A moving interpretation of the plot

The brave boy Kaku embarks on an adventure to save the world. During the journey, cute pets who are greedy for money, and partners with different personalities, they fight against the insidious and cunning bang bang, overcome challenges, and finally defeat the forces of evil.



2019 Big Indie Pitch first place

2019 Tencent GWB Game Creative Competition Playstation Best Visual Performance Award

2019 Tencent GWB Game Creative Competition PC/Console Bronze Award

Nominated for the 2019 Indieplay Best Art Awards

2019 Golden Tea Awards Best Independent Game

Nominated for 2020 Gameconnection America Best Home Console Game Award


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Friends who like Kaku, welcome to join the official game Q group: 780639323, you can get more game information and experience qualifications, and the related activities will be notified in the group as soon as they are confirmed.

Ancient Seal of Kaku
Hossam Galal

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