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Age of Brawl

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Game introduction:

"Smash Bros." is a fourth-generation card mobile game with the theme of global chaos in the second element category. The game is based on real-time competition, cross-server battlefields, 1v1, 3v3 as the core combat gameplay; multi-hero collection, fetters and strong colonization, combined tactics, hire to battle, guild strategy battle, guild BOSS battle, Bahamut reincarnation battle; discussion and awakening , Transformation, Skin, Runestones, Constellation Energy, Abyss Secret Realm Hang-up, a collection of multi-functional card ARPG elements, Super cards embodying MMO interactive gameplay, Super People’s Square main city activities, innovative physical gameplay with strong interaction, and experience different cards Game, create a new era of chaos!

system introduction:

1. Hero collection

50 different and unique heroes for players to collect and cultivate; and special heroes are designed with special sources.

Each hero has its own unique skills and has its own BUFF. Players can win more easily in battle. The collocation of the formation can also be richer.

2. Fetters

The relationship between heroes is one-to-one. (The bond relationship of hero A is hero B, and the bond relationship of hero B can only be hero A. Moreover, A and B will no longer have a bond relationship with other heroes).

The fetters heroes are in battle at the same time, and they will acquire a brand new skill-fetters in the battle.

The bond skill is not a simple combined skill, but two bond heroes trigger a new combined skill. (It is not that two heroes merge into one hero, but they release a new skill together).

Different combinations of fetters produce different fetters.

3. Strong reproductive system

If hero A is colonized on hero B, hero B will gain the attributes of hero A.

The potential attributes of hero B will be activated; hero B will get an additional buff effect.

For example, a hero with a bondage relationship will trigger a special passive ability to recolonize, prompting players to pursue multiple recolonization.

4. Multi-hero real-time operation

Players can switch between the three heroes in battle during the battle.

Instantly control the position and choose the time to release the skill.

5. Skin collection

Each hero will have rich skins with different styles for players to collect.

In order to enrich the game content and enhance the fun experience. Different skins have different voices and special effects.

6. Recruit

Players can recruit other players' heroes to fight for themselves by paying gold coins and diamonds.

Players can earn a certain amount of gold coins and diamonds by answering the call

Recruitment can increase the interaction of players, make players with strong ability gain vanity, and make players with weak ability try to rent other heroes to pass the gameplay levels set by the game.

Age of Brawl
Hossam Galal

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