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Age of the Apes

Age of the Apes

By: tap4fun

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After humans abandoned the earth, the monkeys became the masters of the surface world, and the era of the ape race officially opened!

In order to find bananas in space, the crazy monkeys started a cool space race!

They defend the clans and form gangs; they are frantically mining resources and building troops to fight to protect the railroad tracks! All this is only for the successful launch of the rocket and become the first monkey to explore space!

Wonderful gifts await those base leaders who fought bravely in "Age of the Apes"!

-Here, you can manage your pioneering monkey base, form an army of apes, become the strongest leader of the clan, and lead your army to one brilliant victory after another!

-Here, you can communicate and cooperate with your gang allies, join forces, share game screenshots and create personalized doodles!

-Here, you can check the trends of the major clans and become the leader of the historical process!

-Here, you can freely explore the mysterious ruins, participate in the railroad track harassment battle, fight against other clans, and use the strongest strategy to make your clan rocket the first to launch successfully!

-Here, whether you are dealing with wild mutant monkeys or plundering resources from other clans, you can win in various ways! As long as they can win in the space race, the clan doesn't mind using any means!

-Want to experience this wonderful and interesting world of apes? Let us win this post-apocalyptic space race together!


• Six legendary clans, choose your allegiance!

• Mining uranium mines and grabbing resources! Quickly recharge the clan rocket!

• Fight against other clans, and a large-scale clan PVP war is waiting for you!

• Live through gangs and make friends with players all over the world!


•Develop and expand your base, train your own individual army, and you will become a master of territory development!

• Protecting and plundering supplies will also be a strategic mission for your army!

• You can also continue to promote scientific research plans, research more advanced weapons, and unlock higher-level arms!

• Work together with allies to achieve the Ace Clan in the space race!


• The very individual clan leaders you will know will also get help from the clan advisor Roger!

• The mysterious surface world after the end is full of surprises, waiting for your free exploration!

• In the wild, you will also encounter some terrifying mutant monkeys. Lead the army to defeat them, all the spoils are yours!

• There are more magnificent human relics sleeping deep in the earth, and mutant bosses with huge physiques roam the earth!


• Collaborate with allies through various systems provided by the game to discuss big plans!

• A picture is worth a thousand words! This game supports real-time screenshots, and uses the game's own effects to beautify!

• Collect clan fighters and let all legendary fighters gather under your command!

• Check the general trend of the world and keep abreast of the trends of the major clans. Maybe you are the next historical promoter!

Are you ready to accept the rocket mission and lead the clan to win the space race?

Note: This game requires an internet connection to play.

Age of the Apes
Hossam Galal

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