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Adventurers Association

Adventurers Association

By: TT游戏开发小组

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Welcome, President, to the "Adventure Association"!

You will play the role of the president of the Adventurer Association. On the territory of your choice (human floating island or elf tree), you will build adventurer towns, recruit and train adventurers with various personalities and specialties, produce food, manufacture equipment, and complete Commission, explore the world, fight against monsters, and work hard with the goal of operating the greatest adventurer association!

★★Game Features★★

[New construction experience]

Fully open 360° 3D perspective, dynamic time and weather changes, rich buildings and decorations, build your unique adventurer town!

[Personalized Adventurer]

Each adventurer has a different appearance, personality and specialty. Recruit and train them, arrange suitable jobs and tasks for them, to make the association run more efficiently and stably, and there are legendary adventurers waiting for you to collect !

[Playing as the president of the association]

Create a unique image for yourself, pinch your face and dress up to meet all your needs!

【Free Association Formation】

Assign adventurers to do appropriate work and commissions, handle the affairs of the association, and solve the troubles of adventurers. As the president, every decision you make will affect the future development direction!

【Explore the Adventure World】

Dispatch an adventure team to explore the world, eliminate the fog, meet interesting forces and characters, and experience a relaxing and fun adventure story! Many big maps with different styles are waiting for you!

【Enriched Career Development】

More than 40 professions are waiting for you to collect and promote, from baker to home builder, from magician to bard, decide the career route of you and each adventurer!

【Roam around every corner】

In addition to building from the perspective of God, the innovative roaming perspective allows you to walk in the town you created, interact with other players, adventurers and even decorations, watch the scenery in every corner, and sit on the bench with friends Chat, tease cats, watch the clouds!

[Social is everywhere]

Rich social gameplay, so that you are no longer alone in your construction, management and exploration battles, team commissioning, team production, team roaming, social networking is everywhere! (Of course, the stand-alone party can still live in seclusion happily)

Adventurers Association
Hossam Galal

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