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Adventure Commune

Adventure Commune

By: 心动

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Steam received 95% praise! This is an online card game that combines board games and strategic card gameplay. In the game, you will become an adventurer in the great nautical era, and together with three other players will go to the Lost Isles to find treasure. Treasures and dangers will increase in the course of adventure, and only the bravest and wisest adventurers can take away these lost treasures.

During the adventure, you will face various choices:

If you want to continue to explore and explore, you should return safely with the treasures you already have;

Whether to choose to cooperate with other players temporarily, or to leave unhappy;

Choose to take away the potion that restores life, or compete for valuable treasures;

Is it to take protective measures against monsters, or choose to give it a go.

**** PC version of the official exchange group: 577191619 ****

Adventure Commune
Hossam Galal

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