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300 Great Battles in Different World Auto Chess

300 Great Battles in Different World Auto Chess

By: 跳跃网络

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300 Battles-Different World Auto Chess is a multiplayer battle strategy war chess mobile game

Players in a single game can form thousands of unique hero lineups through matching collection of heroes, synthesis upgrades, fetters matching, and equipment synthesis, forming an eight-person matchup!

【Feature introduction】

1. Come to another world, the first two-dimensional different world auto chess

Qualified persons, starting from Shengdu Academy and traveling to another world, you will discover a new and unknown continent. Everything on this continent is determined by playing chess!

2. The sacred instrument resonates with the Mao Mao clan to accompany you to explore another world

After entering a different world, the qualified person will resonate with the power of the sacred instrument and fully project the power of the sacred instrument. The summoned heroic projection will be controlled by the most loyal supporter of the sacred instrument-the Mao Mao clan!

3. Strategies for ever-changing strategies and thousands of combinations

From scratch, match your own exclusive lineup, star rise, fetters, position, and equipment, which will enhance the player's strategic space to the extreme!

4. The goddess blesses the heroes who change your destiny

In adversity? Feeling bad? do not be discouraged! In Auto Chess in another world, every five rounds, you will be blessed by the goddess, and will give you the heroic spirits and equipment to reverse the battle, so that you can regain the hope of victory!

5. The story of the confusing and confusing world has just begun

The strongest in the world, for his sister, he will step through all obstacles. This is the only information about him that can be made public at the moment

300 Great Battles in Different World Auto Chess
Hossam Galal

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