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Werewolf Showdown CN

Werewolf Showdown CN

By: 杭州游卡网络技术有限公司

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"Werewolf duel" strategy trial is set for March 10th, see or leave!

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The new hand-free day and night battle strategy card mobile game, an alternative interpretation of the classic werewolf killing gameplay!

In "Werewolf Duel", you will become a strategist, by drawing cards to summon powerful spirits, and challenge your opponents in a 1V1 battle. You need to choose the right cards to build your own deck, use various mechanisms and strategies to find and kill all the werewolves of your opponent, and finally win.

Game features:

[Friendly novice, rich gameplay]: The gameplay is simple and easy to use. Play a game anytime, anywhere, every 10 minutes! Fighting wits and courage is endless fun!

[Six forces, rich construction]: More than two hundred cards, so many exquisite original paintings! Six forces, new moon cards, exclusive skills, build your exclusive deck!

[No-hand card battle, full of variables]: No-hand card battle, feel the excitement of free flip, the innovative day and night alternate mode brings you a refreshing experience!

[Reject krypton gold, no need to develop] Pursue fair competition, send a strong bond at the beginning, so that you will have no burden on the novice!

[Heartbeat duel, the wolf king's battle for hegemony] Play against hundreds of mental enthusiasts in the ladder, match each other and fight for the hegemony of the wolf king!

[Ultra-rare orange card, you will get it when you go online] Rare orange card can be received immediately after login, 150% high recharge rebate, and a test-exclusive commemorative card back is waiting for you!

Werewolf Showdown CN
Hossam Galal

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