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Wasteland Express

Wasteland Express

By: 中子星游戏研究所

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[Core gameplay]

The player drives a vehicle to play the game on the endless Gobi Desert. The player has a lot of freedom. You can choose to go to various settlements. During the journey, you will encounter various emergencies and various In all kinds of weather, players make choices based on specific events and their own game ideas, which will trigger different event results. From the beginning to the end of the game, only a starting point and an ending point are given, no matter how you arrive. can. From this, you can experience the results of various choices, whether to arm your own tank, go directly to the end, or explore the entire map, or accept the task you received in the city, or enter a dangerous place to search for supplies. These are all The player's own choice.

-Accept commissions to hunt bounty hunters, build cities, resell goods, and scrape wasteland. Many ways to grow yourself

-Complete the main line, trigger branch lines, and emergencies. Rich plot, more than 10w words of text, there is always a world of freedom to explore

-Become a righteous warrior, a selfish businessman, a fierce gangster, all the choices are yours

Player exchange group: 1079735615 (consulting/playing/strategy)

Wasteland Express
Hossam Galal

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